Monday, September 20, 2010

MU lwn Liverpool: a September 2010 comment

This review is loosely related to the posting made here.

The full coverage and match report can be found here at EPL website & here at BBC News website.

Berbatov glamorously scored a hat-trick and this made him the top goalscorer for Man Utd's 2010/11 EPL season. Maybe this year, Rooney's reign as a top striker will be overshadowed a bit at club level. Although Liverpool's 2 goals comeback courtesy of Gerrard's effort, both given by the ref seem a bit threatening, it posted no serious challenge to United.

United's lack of composure in the last 15-20 minutes of the game has to be improved if they want to be serious contender of league title this season.

Nani's injury is thought not to be serious at first until he himself asked to be replaced in 88th minute.

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