Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Santai: teka-teki

Tadi di kuliah Zohor surau Menara TM, ustaz ex JAKIM yang gantikan Ust Hadi Talhah dalam salah satu point-nya untuk menggunakan fikiran seoptimum mungkin, memberi satu homework berbentuk teka teki.

Ada 3 orang sedang cari penginapan di suatu tempat. Setiap seorang ada RM10 saja dalam tangan. Cari punya cari, jumpalah satu hotel yang boleh bagi sewa semalaman RM30 satu bilik untuk tiga orang.
imej dari http://technicalsafari.com/
Taukei hotel berkenaan kemudiannya memberi diskaun RM 5 dari jumlah RM 30 tadi. Namun, tiga orang tu hanya boleh ambil RM 3 saja, RM 1 setiap seorang. RM 2 lagi akan diberikan kepada pak guard sebagai tip.

Seorang dapat balik RM 1, jadi seolah-olahnya hanya RM 9 yg mereka gunakan setiap seorang untuk bayaran hotel. RM 9 x 3 = RM 27. RM 2 lagi diberikan kepada pak guard sebagai tip. Soalnya, di mana RM 1 lagi?


Dah puas aku rasa aku fikir. Tapi tak dapat jawapan...

Monday, February 25, 2013

Lahad Datu stand-off: More than a Sauk and a Memali

It has been two weeks since the unwelcomed intrusion began. For those who did not know where Lahad Datu is, it is at the Sabah's 'upper jaw'. Well, Sabah right-most land on the maps looks somewhat like open mouth, four-legged herbivores or carnivors. Superstitiously had a unique look.

Yes, we Malaysians unwelcome the intrusion. But we hope that it can be resolved without any bloodshed or even pulling of triggers. The claim of Sabah by the Sultanate is unsubstantial. ICJ ruling plus the consensus from Sabahans clearly made Sabah and their people under Malaysia's sovereignty. Even the claim to assert eastern Sabah as their territorial appears worse-stricken when it is said to be driven by the Sultanate exclusion from the Framework Agreement of the Bangsamoro between the Philippines government and MILF.

The Malaysian-Philippine relation is at stake. Careful handling of this situation is the hope of Malaysians and the Filipinos. For us Malaysians, we want to prevent unlawful event of Memali and the siege of Sauk. Both settled, but with casualties and unending debates. We do not want that. Somehow Malaysia is feeling the burden after the newly revealed IC scandal given to Sabah immigrants and the 13th general election is around the corner.

Majority of the intruders are Muslims. We here are being led by a Muslim currently. We have the same belief. There is an urgent need to find a solution, an agreement fits with Islamic values, a win-win situation. We had enough Muslims' civil war already. Even though the deadline has since been passed, our defense force is assessing the situation and did not do any offensive movement.

Please, you came here safely and you should return back home in the same condition as 14 days ago.