Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Liverpool versus Man Utd: A September 2012 comment

Well, fairly said, the clash between these two English giants won't be a clash without controversies. The commemorative 'ritual' before the game to mark the revelation of truth behind Hillsborough disaster has been committedly observed by both supporters. The warm handshake between Evra and Suarez further demonstrate the respect to the tragedy remembrance.

Man Utd has played unsually slow against Liverpool. Even though after Shelvey's red card, they did not seem as a winner in that match. No solid chances, poor ball possession and giving Liverpool too much room to progress.

While everybody tends to take the 2nd half penalty decision as controversial, I did think that tackle from behind cannot be accepted and left unpunished. The penalty kick that take too long thanks to the treatment given to Agger nearly costed van Persie a goal, when Reina correctly guest the direction of the ball. The powerful shot finally blasted to the top corner of the goal.

The 2-1 undeserved win by Man Utd shall put Rodgers under more pressure than ever. The win will boosts the Devils' confidence to win (in the later time of a match, late is always better than nothing) before taking two tough and unpredicted opponents successively; namely Newcastle on Capital One League Cup home encounter tomorrow and against Tottenham in Premier League match this Saturday.

Ok, let's put this thing until just here. I want to look forward to my native team's game, Kelantan FA against Arbil FC tonight. Can they turn the four goal deficit to advance to the AFC Cup semi? I'm in the full of hope that, that will happen...