Friday, April 23, 2010


Sudah lama aku tidak menulis di laman sesawang ini, mungkin penuh bersawang dah laman ni. Tapi sekali sekala aku masih menjenguk blogku ini andainya ada comment yg perlu diluluskan.

Quite a time that I didn't jot anything in this web log, probably it might has been fulled with webs... Despite that, sometimes I did visit my blog to moderate comments. Or just to monitor the chatterbox for unintended chat posts....Or just to click my favorite sites which I forget their links.

The parliamentary poll at Hulu Selangor is around the corner. Blasts of personal attacks, campaigns, blog posts, mass-media biased coverages etc hit the hotly contested seat. I hope the people there will wisely decide the best rep for them. Providing the evidences of corruptions, admin negligences, dishonesty, racist political approaches, leapfrogging (silap2, frogs leaping) etc, I have to say the PKR candidate is the most suitable person there to be chosen.

Back to the post.

Recently, I've slowly lost my willing to go exercising silat. I didn't know why. I left the once-a-week training ground after three consecutive weeks attending it. I didn't lost faith in silat, but I have no motivation. The surrounding is not supportive plus there are so many commitments to be accomplished. Clashes with other meetings and programs did contribute a lot to my lack of will.

In this last two or three months, somehow the people have changed the meeting day. Nevertheless I still feel very arduous to attend the practice.

Earlier this week, I read an article in BBC News about spare tyre from the Firefox's Latest Headlines live RSS. Many people ignored the health of their spare tyres. That headline attracted me to further understand the topic. At first, I thought that it's all about your spare tyre in your car bonnet. I'm totally out of the scope. It's about muffin tops. Please read it here.

We must do exercise at least an hour daily to decrease fat, to stay slim. It's impossible for me. I must strive for not having that type of spare tyre....!

I need motivation. Correct drive. Solid enthusiasm. Strong reason. Stimulus package? Nope.

The moment I remember guys like Jet Li, Jackie Chan, Sammo Hung, Donnie Yen, Wu Jing... I'm far away to achieve their level at my current stage. Never. Then today I watch Ip Man 2 movie trailer. I'm very happy to know that the movie will be released worldwide in stages, firstly at East Asia on this 29 April 2010.

Seeing fights in the trailer inspires me to train again, particularly, the fight between Sammo Hung & Donnie Yen on the restaurant big round table. Awesome! Although it was staged and the thriller was short, I got some excitement from it. To see Donnie Yen, Sammo Hung and Wu Jing reunite again after SPL: Sha Po Lang is quite interesting. In SPL, Donnie Yen fought Wu Jing with close knife combat. After defeating Wu Jing, he challenged Sammo Hung in empty hand-to-hand combat. What is our expectation from these trio in Ip Man 2? Donnie Yen will maintain his Wing Chun style while Sammo Hung and Wu Jing will be experts in Hung Gar.

Cannot wait to train and watch the movie!!