Tuesday, October 18, 2011

MU lwn Liverpool: an October 2011 comment

Liverpool last clinched the league title 21 years ago. During their empty-handed time, Man Utd has won their 19th title and surpassed the 18 times champions mark firstly set by Liverpool. This is a home game for Liverpool. Prior to this game, Man Utd has won 71 times, Liverpool 61 times and they drawed 50 times.

Before match, Man Utd's boss Sir Alex Ferguson hailed the Liverpool - Man Utd derby as 'greater than those El Classico's Real Madrid - Barcelona game'. The sky-high claim suddenly fell to the very bottom of the ground when Sir Alex named his first eleven squad. No Rooney, no Nani, no Hernandez. Is that such a disrespectful attitude towards the very much anticipated game? Or is it a protective action for the upcoming important UCL game at Romania and this weekend's Manchester derby?

During first half, Ashley Young got yellow-carded, the three-lunged Park Ji Sung surged towards Pepe Reina but missed it, De Gea has had a couple of good saves from Suarez & Adam and etc, but that is it. Nothing more than that.

The game took to a different level after Stevie G free kick in 68tth minute. That resulted a goal, a bit similar to those United has conceded from a free kick when the last won against Liverpool years ago (Gerrard was also a free kick taker).

The introduction of Rooney, Nani & Hernandez probably made the game livelier. Hernandez saved the United's day by heading a goal from Welbeck's flick from a corner to seal a 1-1 draw.

Evra vs Suarez

One alleged that he'd been abused with racist words. One categorically denied that allegation. Their prolonged messes resulting Evra being given a yellow card. The FA will investigate Evra's claim. Suarez, upset with such accusation, denied, "We are all the same. I go to the field with the maximum illusion of a little child who enjoys what he does, not to create conflicts."

Come on guys. Be patient. Don't be emotionally affected. Practice good sportmanship...

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