Monday, September 27, 2010

My Public Apology

This morning, on my way to work with my bike, I've accidentally and unintentionally hit front-left bumper of a red, old Kancil with reg no BGU 2877. It happened at Chinese's Pasar Pagi near tu Balai Polis Kepong. If I'm not mistaken, the road's name is Jalan Kepong Utama. The road is best known for busy, jam-packed daily morning market which made the pathway a bit narrower, thus maneuvering motorcycle will be put at its highest skills, for specky, single-eye user like me.

After I hit, I just stopped my bike a bit because I thought it banged a bit loud. I saw a crack hole in front of the car's left bumper. After taking a glance view & thinking for a while, I decided to just proceed to work but some guilt had redirected me back to the hit spot. I rode my bike, make a turn to another route and went back to that busy road. I tried to find the car. I wanted to apology.

The events kept replaying in my mind during my search. Actually at first I'm riding behind him. Then cars started to move slowly, giving me chance to increase my speed. Then I thought I've rode at the left side of the driver when the car started to turn left. I believed I've evasively left-maneuvered my bike after realizing that the care have not given the left signal. I didn't know where the driver wanted to go; to park at the left car park or to turn left. Suddenly the ramming happened with with quite a bang sound. I'm not so sure either my bike's exhaust had smacked the front bumper of that or that car had collided with my exhaust. Nevertheless my exhaust was left intact.

After I found the car which was parked properly in front of the front-most shop lots, I waited for a while, hoping to meet the driver. Yet after 6 to 7 minutes, I decided to go to work.

Here, if it's considered my fault I'm so sorry and I wanted to apology. If not, just let it go by itself...

Allah the Almighty, thanks so much to let both of us safely uninjured. For those who drove the car, or knows who's the car driver, or knows the car, I'm in the full of hope that this sincere, humble apology will echo in your sight/heart/hearing/sense. Please send my best regards to the driver.

Monday, September 20, 2010

MU lwn Liverpool: a September 2010 comment

This review is loosely related to the posting made here.

The full coverage and match report can be found here at EPL website & here at BBC News website.

Berbatov glamorously scored a hat-trick and this made him the top goalscorer for Man Utd's 2010/11 EPL season. Maybe this year, Rooney's reign as a top striker will be overshadowed a bit at club level. Although Liverpool's 2 goals comeback courtesy of Gerrard's effort, both given by the ref seem a bit threatening, it posted no serious challenge to United.

United's lack of composure in the last 15-20 minutes of the game has to be improved if they want to be serious contender of league title this season.

Nani's injury is thought not to be serious at first until he himself asked to be replaced in 88th minute.

Sambutan 'Idulfitri 2010 1431H

Alhamdulillah, walaupun tak banyak perjalanan ke rumah kawan-kawan, aku sempat juga dikunjungi oleh kawan-kawan yakni Afzan, Syed & Pok Din. Jazakumullah. Aku sempat juga ziarah Salmi Koh suami isteri & anaknya yang baru berusia sebulan lebih.

Sebenarnya lepas Afzan, Syed & Pok Din berangkat pulang dari rumah aku pada tengah hari raya kedua, aku ada peluang nak jumpa Hadri & Wana sebab mereka bertiga menuju ke rumah kedua-dua sepupu berkenaan. Ingat bolehlah kami berenam ni jumpa selepas sekian lama tak jumpa, namun tak berkesempatan. Aku terpaksa ke Kok Lanas untuk beli susu lutfi yang dah nak habis. Itu lebih penting. Di Ketereh susu Mamex Gold tak dijual di mana-mana supermarket.

Raya tahun ni, aku berhari raya pertama di Morak. Di rumah, Izam je takde sebab dia beraya di Sabah.

Aku berpeluang menjejakkan kaki ke Perlis tahun ni, sebab transit kat rumah Kak Ti, Haizan's elder sister sempena majlis menhantar Nonie ke Changlun. So sekarang ni tinggal Sarawak saja yang belum kujejaki.