Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Blogging via Sony Ericsson mobile phone

The post below (bowling) is the first post sent via my SE K770i. Actually that's the second one, the first belong to a test post which has been deleted.

It's so nice to know that how easy you can update your blog via mobile, on the go. You can add single photo or single video from your SE phone's File Manager directly to your desired blog if you already have a Blogger account. Just select the photo or video, press More, press Send and select To blog. Oh, one more thing, you have to have internet access on your phone, preferably postpaid unlimited internet access (no matter via 3G or GPRS or whatsoever). The phone also should have been configured to send MMS at the first place.

At first attempt, you will find the pics/vids sent to the randomly generated blogspot URL. Then you'll receive an SMS from Blogger informing you your token. You have to go to to sync your mobile & desired blog address using that token. You can choose to stick with randomly generated blogspot URL for the default mobile posting location or select from a list of your existing blog.

The second time you post in the same manner stated above, you'll find the post will go directly to your existing blog. In seconds, you'll have yourself updated.

Have a good try!

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